Install AVG Antivirus For PC

How To Install AVG Antivirus For PC?

For every task, we are dependent on the internet for which we usually handle so many accounts. Our general and confidential information is always there as we do transactions online using various apps and sites. Some sites and apps have cookies but some steal information. So we need to keep our system safe and secure from where we handle our tasks frequently. To carry out work confidently, we use AVG Antivirus For PC. The complete installation is carried out pretty well and even persons who are non-technical will be able to install and use it regularly. Now the question arises How To Install AVG Antivirus For PC. To use this antivirus on your personal computer it is necessary to perform AVG Login. To install AVG antivirus, look for the steps that will be beneficial for you.

Steps To Download And AVG Antivirus For PC

  • Tap the name of your product to download the installation file( AVG Antivirus, AVG internet security)
  • Now run the downloaded file to start the installation process
  • Follow the instructions on your system
  • Type your AVG license number, when prompted ( the license number will be sent automatically to your email once purchased)
  • Complete the installation process
  • Restart your computer

Steps To Activate AVG Antivirus On PC

In case, you already have the product installed on your system and you just need to activate or reactivate your AVG, follow the steps given below properly.

  • Double click the icon on your desktop to open AVG
  • In the AVG window click “options”
  • Click “activate”
  • Now enter the license number that you might have received in your email after purchasing AVG into the new license number field and then click activate.
  • Finally, your AVG will be activated with a new license number.


We have mentioned some relevant information on the AVG antivirus. If you don’t know how to download and install the antivirus, then immediately take help from this blog. You can send your feedback if you liked the information in our write up.  If you have any queries on the AVG antivirus then you can comment and we will revert you back with the solution.

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