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How To Deactivate Facebook?

Facebook is one of the reliable and extensively used social media platforms and it was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Usually, in today’s world, even children are using Facebook as by using Facebook you got to know about many things like what things are in trend, latest news, etc. When the exam comes nearer or when you got bored of using facebook then generally individuals deactivate Facebook. If you also want to deactivate your account for some time but you are unable to do so then just read our “How To Deactivate Facebook Account?” blog. Sometimes the user doubts that if they will deactivate there account then they will be not able to use it in the future but this is absolutely wrong because easily reactivate your deactivated Facebook account. You will not lose any data if you deactivate your Facebook account.

Steps To Deactivate Facebook

  1. Open the search browser and then in the search box type and after that just tap the search icon.
  2. On taping the search icon Facebook login page will open. For login into your account, you need to enter an email address or phone number and password on the Facebook login page.
  3. After entering all the details on the Fb login page just click on the login tab.
  4. Thereafter, the Facebook homepage will get open from there just click on the three-dot icon. This icon will be present on the right corner of the screen.
  5. Later drop down will appear from there just click on the privacy&setting option.
  6. After that click the setting option.
  7. From the “setting” page click on the Account Ownership and Control option.
  8. Thereafter your Account Ownership and Control page will get open from there click on the Deactivation and Deletion option.
  9. After that just tap on the deactivate tab. On clicking the option Continue to Account Deactivation button will appear on the screen just click over that.
  10. On clicking button reason selection will get open from there you need to select a reason and after selecting the reason just click on the deactivate tab.
  11. At last, the session expired message will display then from there click on the ok button. On clicking the ok button your Facebook will get deactivated.

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