Upload A Video To Youtube

How To Upload A Video To Youtube?

Youtube is an American video-sharing site on this site from any corner of the world users can upload the music, movie, series, gif videos. Youtube is the veery famous platform as it is used by millions and billions of individuals across the world. If you also want to upload the video on this youtube but you don’t know How To Upload A Video To Youtube then just follow the guidelines described below.

Guidelines For Uploading The Video To Youtube

Youtube Sign In – To upload the video on Youtube users first need to log into Youtube. To log in the Youtube from the homepage click on the Sign In tab and then in the Sign In box enter email address and password.

After entering the details simply click on the “Sign In” button.




Youtube Upload – On login the Youtube you will be able to see the Upload tab on the top of the landing page at the right side of the search box, just simply click that Upload tab.

Youtube - Upload

Select File – On clicking the upload tab, the video upload page will get open. On that page, the user can drag and drop the file and even can select the file from the computer files.

Youtube upload-video

Uploading Video – Once after selecting or drooping the video, the video will start uploading. In the uploading video, page user has to the following section –

  • Basic Info – In the basic info section use need to enter the Title, Description, Tag, Privacy Setting, Choose Category. After entering the details click on the “Add To” option and select the option as per your choice.

Youtube basic-info

  • Monetization – After filling the basic info section visit the Monetization page and select the details as per your own choice.


  • Advanced Setting – Once after filling the Monetization page visit the Advanced Setting page and fill the following details – Comment, License and right ownership, Caption and certification, Video location, Recording date, 3 D video, Video Statics.

Youtube advanced-settings

After that select, the video thumbnail from the bottom of the page and from the Privacy Setting select Public option on doing this the video will get uploaded on your Youtube channel.

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